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Refinance Home Loans

Take advantage of the refinance home loans up to 125% of loan value. It's quick easy and secure.

Second Mortgages
Utilize a 2nd or second mortgage to finance a business deal, build a spare bedroom, buy a boat and gain tax advantages
Debt Consolidation
Consolidate you debt to pay off high interest loans or to remodel or repair you home. Debt Consolidation is easy.

Debt Consolidation is a great way to lower your monthy bills and allow you to clear out debt and pay off high interest credit card loans or simply to pay for remodeling projects. The tax advantages can be extreme.

Less Than Perfect Credit
We understand!  We have over 1000 hand picked Lendors waiting to compete for what you need. Since 2001 we have been getting our clients what they need. We will cut through the red tape and get you quick results that you can be happy with.
How much can you expect to save from debt utilizing debt consolidation or refinance consolidtion?

Debt Current
Payoff with Loan New
First Mortgage $30,000 $400 Yes $526
2nd Mortgage $8,000 $250 Yes $0
Credit Card $5,000 $90 Yes $0
Auto $8,000 $260 Yes $0
Boat $5,000 $200 Yes $0
Total $56,000 $1,200 $526
This example is based on a $56,000 loan amount with an interest rate of 10%. By restructuring your loan by changing you debt payments, a substantial monthly savings can occur. Most people also realize additional savings from interest deductions that the government currently allows. Note: This is a purely an example, but it may not fit your specific situation. A custom payment structure can be constructed to meet your specific needs.

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