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Refinance Home Loans

Take advantage of the refinance home loans up to 125% of loan value. It's quick easy and secure.

Second Mortgages
Utilize a 2nd or second mortgage to finance a business deal, build a spare bedroom, buy a boat and gain tax advantages
Debt Consolidation
Consolidate you debt to pay off high interest loans or to remodel or repair you home. Debt Consolidation is easy.

 New Bathrooms
Home Improvements
New Pool or Spa
New Roof or air conditioning

 Business ideas
 Convert Your Garage
 Landscape Your Home
 Remodel Your Kitchen

Lowering Your Monthly Payments

Paying off and consolidating your high interest credit cards and other debts with home equity funds could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. Using a home equity loan or refinanced mortgage to reduce your monthly debts can be a simple way to relieve the stresses associated with nagging and never ending unmanageable high monthly payments.

Tax Savings Can be Substantial

The interest portion of a home equity loan or mortgage may be tax deductible, similar to the deduction on your first mortgage. Check with your tax accountant to check on this tax advantage. Credit card interest in most cases in not taxable and this savings could be substantial.

Easy Loan Terms

You have the option of using all or part of your new loan for debt consolidation, or you can choose to also use some of the money to make home improvements, or receive cash for personal use.

Minimal Equity Required

There is no equity required for a home equity loans or refinance loans. Financing is available up to 125% loan to value. Your home is eligible for a loan, even if the first mortgage is 125% of the home's value.

Simple Interest Can be Huge Savings

A home equity loan or refinance mortgage is a fully amortized, simple interest with a fixed rate. You will pay less on a simple interest loan, when compared to credit cards that charge a variable
rate with daily compounded interest. These variable rates often change when you are totally unaware. It is estimated that over a long term, you could pay as much as two-three times more on credit cards with compound interest, than you would on a home equity type loan or refinance type loan rate with daily compounded interest.


Less Than Perfect Credit
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