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Refinance Home Loans

Take advantage of the refinance home loans up to 125% of loan value. It's quick easy and secure.

Second Mortgages
Utilize a 2nd or second mortgage to finance a business deal, build a spare bedroom, buy a boat and gain tax advantages
Debt Consolidation
Consolidate you debt to pay off high interest loans or to remodel or repair you home. Debt Consolidation is easy.

Jumbo Loan Refinancing

Professionals that invest in high quality properties rely on jumbos to close deals quickly. A jumbo loan is simply a mortgage that is larger than the maximum amount of a typical loan guaranteed by a government agency like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Reasons to Refinance Your Jumbo Loan
   Unlock growing equity. Refinancing a home in a hot real estate market can require a jumbo loan, even when keeping 20% equity in the property.
  Less paperwork. Many lenders offer jumbo loans without extensive income documentation. Reasonable credit scores and significant equity can close a jumbo deal quickly
   Personal attention. Fewer lenders compete for jumbo loans. Therefore, buyers often enjoy stronger relationships with dedicated account executives.
Who Gets a Jumbo Loan
Self-employed professionals.
Any successful businessperson has black marks on their credit. Jumbo loan lenders focus on a buyer's overall track record. High net worth individuals. Despite a huge bank balance, the lack of a recent pay stub repels conventional lenders. Jumbo loans eliminate that hassle. Mobile business executives, athletes, and creative professionals. Conservative lenders can't cope with athletes that get traded, movie stars that live where their films shoot, or CEOs that go where their companies send them. Jumbo loan lenders can offer interest-only loans for short-term homeowners.

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